about me

Before I became a Registered Dietitian, I always took eating and enjoying food for granted (especially with my Chef father cooking).  It wasn't until I began my career taking care of Pediatric patients that I realized this is not the case for so many people.  The most challenging and heartbreaking cases that I came across were helping adults and children living with food allergies, intolerance, and GI malabsorption conditions.  The lack of resources and support (both educational and emotional) was astounding.  I had to do something...

The infancy of this website began in 2010 as the Directed Project for my Masters of Science degree in Nutritional Science titled, "Development of a Web-based Nutrition Program for Parents of Children with Food Allergies." Fast forward to 2012 and the first version of the then-called "The Allergy Foodie" website was born.

An emerging career in healthcare administration and my first child brought my first website endeavor to a halt.  Ironically (or, as I like to think, fittingly) my daughter was born with jejunal atresia, which required multiple abdominal surgeries and nutrition support to manage. This only relit my passion for helping those with allergies, intolerances, and malabsorptive conditions. 

This brings us to today.  I hope this site will serve as a place for those seeking support and information to read, be informed, and, most importantly, not feel alone, in their journey.  At the end of the day, we are all just allergy foodies.  :-)